The Humors of...

Lewis Furey The Humors of... LP (Aquarius, 1976)

Stumbling on a good, little known glam record is such a treat! Out of all the genres around, glam is one of the most risky for the record freak. The records are either really good or they really suck. There usually is no in between. In fact, I've found that I have more glam records that are great from front to back than ones that have just one or two good cuts. Here is one where pretty much every song is good.

Lewis Furey is a French Canadian, who made music out of Montreal. His first single came out in 1972, followed by his debut LP two years later. A couple years passed before The Humors of... came out. And then after three more years he put out his third and last pop album. Right before Humors... he scored a film and then another. He won awards for his film work and abandoned pop for soundtrack and other work.

The Humors of... came out a little late in the glam game and because of that there is a bit of disco here and there. For the most part, though, Furey owes his sound to the heavyweights of glam: T-Rex, Bowie, and Roxy Music. I also hear a bit of Cockney Rebel and some Brian May in the guitar work. And although there are plenty of gay themes in Furey's songs, the sound of Jobriath lurks not here.

One of the many joys Humors... has to offer is plenty of absurdist lyrics. "Savage, on the loose, savage on the loose, savage, savage, savage -- little mouse got raped and ravaged. Savage on the loose, well the man is loose, very loose, -- seems he's fixing to cook a goose. Who pulled the pug out on who? Who pulled the plug out on me? All the tea in China couldn't save the day, dig when someone plucks an angel's wings, someone's got to pay, I say now..." (Rubber Gun Show). Ack!

"Poetic Young Man" could be '70s era Sparks. Which is a good thing.

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