Have Another Tantrum

Splotch Have Another Tantrum LP (Menlo Park, 1996)

It is not often that I post something that was made a mere 11 years ago but I decided that since I am doing a Splotch 7" over at Static Party, I might as well pair it up.

Splotch were a New York City band, incredibly noisy and always direct. While not 100%, their two records are certainly worth searching for if you have a hankering for Bunnybrains, Harry Pussy, Royal Trux, and like din (also check out Bird Flu). The only tidbit I can tell you about them is the guitarist is the daughter of jazzbo Carla Bley.

I picked this record up new at the Subterranean Records warehouse when I was there buying records for the store. It had just come out. I was drawn to it by the handmade sleeve with caulking for a border.

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