Naked Sea

Laurindo Almeida & George Fields Naked Sea 7" (Capitol, 1955)

Wow! What a package! The movie is a documentary about a tuna boat full of fishermen, trucking up and down the South American coast (15 thousand miles worth of trucking!), encountering things such as a hurricanes and volcanos. Very cool indeed. And even better, they get Brazilian guitarist Laurindo Almeida to do the soundtrack.

Here are three songs from a four song promo ep. I've found two copies in three years of looking, which, in my book, says it is findable. I picked it up for a couple of reasons: I am game for any old 7" ep that is either soundtrack or exotica and this looked like both, and I've got a Sammy Davis, Jr. album with Almeida on it and it is fucking great! I recommended to any fan of Crud Crud.

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