Splendor of Sorrow

Easter Monkeys Splendor of Sorrow LP (Hit & Run, 1990)

Band for band, there isn't a rock & roll scene that has topped Cleveland, which, for nearly a decade starting in the mid 70s, turned out great band after great band. Some towns have hit the same high but none have bettered CLE. Hell, I can name you three bands right now of which one appears in most punk cognescenti's top ten: Electric Eels, Pagans, Pere Ubu. And then there is the list of classic and cult bands, all of which are primo: Rocket from the Tombs, Mirrors, Styrenes, Dead Boys, and, today's feature, Easter Monkeys.

The Easter Monkeys were born in 1981, when former Electric Eels/Styrenes member Jim Jones got together with ex-Kneecappers Chris Yarmock, Charlie Ditto and Linda Hudson, sister of Mike and Brian Hudson of the Pagans. They had a three year run and broke up with only an appearance on the classic comp, Cleveland Confidential. Some years after their demise, a collection of their recordings were slapped together on this LP.

You get to hear two cuts from the record. I could have easily posted more but what is the fun in that. I would rather taunt you with a killer driver like Take Another Pill and send you out into the night, rabidly clawing for the few of these pups that exist but littered records stores' clearance bins in the mid 90s. Happy hunting.

If you're really looking for this, you can order from the Ubutique at
for $9 plus postage. There are other things, such as Jones's more recent project Speaker\Cranker, and of course Pere Ubu and other Ubu-related stuff (e.g. the Numbers Band debut reissue on CD).

-- andrew
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