Temple Love

Cindy & Sue Temple Love (Era, 1961)

Who are Cindy & Sue? I have no idea. My research has found nothing. I can't even state that they did a record other than this one or that this actually made it past the promotional stage. The girls are shrouded in mystery. But that is okay because other than providing backing vocals, the girls' presence on Temple Love is nil (they do carry the A-side, a rather bland pop song called Let's Fall in Love). The star of this song is Bob Worth, who plays the "Artisan Organ at International Sound." What would have been a catchy R&B shuffle becomes something demented when fronted by Bob's pipe organ. The girls' backing vocals spin this further into strangeness. Two steps (and one dracula voice) away from hokey, Temple Love is a great B-side and more proof that any 45 on Era is worth a listen.

Truly, truly bizarre...I love it. I don't know whether Bob Worth's organ is in need of a reapir job or what, but the song actually seems to de-tune itself at certain points. And what in the hell are Cindy and Sue singing in the background?
Neato! Both this and the Mardi Barris one fall into what I call exotic-a-go-go: the danceable pop/rock side of exotic music, mainly the domain of singles, not albums. "Mecca," by the recently departed Gene Pitney, is a spectacular example.
Love this stuff!
same with the Marti Barris/Ahbe Casabe post.
I agree with mr fab, these kind of songs are like a genre of their own.
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