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The Record Robot

This is a plug for a fine MP3 blog called The Record Robot. Mike, Phil, and Tony dig up obscurities and tend toward the odd and novelty. They recently posted a Gary Paxton song called The Big "A" = The Big "M" which is utterly mind-melting. If you do nothing else today, please check it out.

Tape Findings

And this plug is for Tape Findings, where you can find found recordings - cassettes that RJ & his cohorts have found in thrift stores, garage sales, etc. This week is a very entertaining selection of "Music Class Compositions," songs done by middle school students in the mid-90s. It is great stuff so please visit.

Cake & Polka Parade

The last plug goes to Cake & Polka Parade, a fantastic blog done by Chicago's own Fatty Jub. Fatty has collected a great variety of stuff from the obscure but noteworthy Billy Synth to Michael Clark's dance piece with The Fall to a Japanese girl named Jon and who sings about dogs to Godley & Creme. If there was an olympic event for this stuff, Fatty Jub would get the meat medal.

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