I Need You So Bad

Allan I Need You So Bad 45 (Thimble, 1972)

This I know: Allan is French. The producer, Max Gazzola, is best known for his movie soundtracks and did some library music. This record was originally released in France in 1970. It did not chart in the US.

What I am guessing: Some smart ass and/or tin ear heard it while he/she was in France and thought, "The Kids will dig this" or "I hate my job, I hate my boss, I am about to be fired, fuck them, I'll put out this Allan single."

The sound: Another vocalist straight out of the "English as a second language/I really really dig Van Morrison" school of singology. Pay attention to the instrumental break because it sounds like the band is lost. I could have played the guitar solo. The drama is riveting. The flipside is an instrumental version!

I got this at my favorite record store. The owner got to know me as "The guy who buys bad records" after I blurted, "Wha-wha-what is THAT" as he ripped the needle off a Yaphet Kotto single with a "Wow! This is bad!" Well, one man's shit is another's shinola. When I asked him to put aside "bad" records for me, I was greeted with a box upon my return. One day I walked in the store and he got really excited. "I have the perfect record for you!" He put on Allan

(Originally posted 6/15/05)

PS After listening to this classic a thousand or so times, I've discovered one more great thing about this record: The rhythm guitar. It is one of the mostly sickly guitars I've ever heard. It sounds like a box strung with rubber bands.

Wow..overwrought doesn't really say enough. Like Screaming Jay Hawkins and Edith Piaf had a demented baby.
please let's have that yaphet kotto 45 next...
poor poor allan is hurtin with the human vibrato. more amazing label art.
good lord! this is a gem! Listen to that ridiculous vibrato!
i'm not absolutely positive about that, but couldn't the female vocal be blossom dearie's? it really sounds like her voice.
sorry, wrong place... my comment was related to the next tune posted : king pleasure's "i'm in the mood for love"
Haven't laughed this hard in ages. Thanks much for this.
... sheer greatness, a long way over the top! the perfect track to end my next "the world-syde"-installment (coming soon at http://michaelvee.livejournal.com"

thanks a lot!
hot damn! this is awesome!
WOW! a veritable gem. Screaming Jay Cocker, with some sheep genes thrown in. Amazing! is it a Celine Dion cover ;-)
this place makes us happy.
I think I actually like this song.
Thank you for sharing that. I may now need therapy.
I've moved my music blog to http://sakalli.blog.hr, after nearly a month after the fall of the blogspot site.

I'd be happy if you could add my site to your linked sites. Thanks in advance.
Good morning!

You have none idea about what was my happiness when I find your blog and find the song that my husband and I are looking for since many years!!especially when when we discovered that we can listen the song and even record it!

A lot of thanks from a tunisian couple!

Henda from Tunisia
I heard this song in Mantua Italy in seventies ........GREAT SONG.
I wish I'd already listened to this 1000 times or more.
Great! Scott,
This record was so bad it was excellent, I'd play it again, from time to time and still enjoy it, very rare 'dementia' as Dr. Demento would say.
I think you deserve some sort of a medal for unearthing this Scott.I can't remember laughing so hard. Have you considered putting it on Youtube? This deserves a rerelease or something.Utterly Utterly amazing.
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